Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Tips on E-mail marketing

7 Ways to Collect Email Addresses Online and Off

Your email campaign starts with a strong list. Without a good list of people who “opt-in” you aren’t going to be able to make email marketing work for you.

Here are 7 little-used ways to collect email addresses:

1. Pop-ups
One of the most underused and highly effective ways to capture emails is to create a pop-up window on your web site. This can be a pop-up on entry or exit – they are both effective. When we started using this on we saw a 500% increase in opt-in subscribers.

2. Subscriber box
You should prominently provide a email subscriber box on each of your site’s web pages. This will significantly increase your sign-ups.

3. Postcard
If your customer list is mainly offline you can send out a postcard and offer an incentive for them to send back their email address.

4. Contests
Contests are a great way to capture opt-in email addresses because most people will have to give you their correct address so they can be informed when they win.

5. Advertise Your Autoresponder Address
Many people will run ads advertising their web site. A smarter way is to run ads or promotions and use an autoresponder email address – this way you will capture all email information from interested prospects. The autoresponder will be set-up to automatically deliver your promotion to people that request it. (A complete source of autoresponder information is at:

6. Capture Using Simple Forms
Most offline stores and businesses completely miss an opportunity to capture the email addresses of their customers. A super example of someone doing this right is the California Tortilla example in this ebook. Any time a customer or prospect phones you, walks in or does business with you is an opportunity to capture their email address.

7. Give Aways (free ebooks, software, etc.)
Give aways or “bribes” are highly effective means of capturing emails. You need to provide people with an incentive to give you their email address. People are becoming more hesitant to hand out their email addresses for fear of rampant spamming – but if your incentive is big enough you’ll get lots of emails to build your list.

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