Saturday, April 14, 2007

Time To Pick A Niche

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Written by :Dale Mazurek

Okay now you're considering opening your own affiliate marketing web site. So what's the most important part of this? You have to pick a product to sell. Something that's important is to try and pick a product that you know something about since your going to have to write articles about it. These articles are going to be geared towards selling your product. However if you find a really good niche that you don't know a lot about then you can study it enough to sell it.

Selling your product is more than just writing some witty articles and putting your link on the bottom. Success or failure is going to be determined on how well and where you market these articles.

When you're picking out a product don't be scared to go the "Niche" route. What this means is picking a product that not as many people need. The products that are popular are all over the place and easy to get your hands on but if you pick a product that is harder to find then you can work on driving that traffic to your product.

You have to make sure that what ever you go after you market it to the right demographics. If you're selling retirement property then you probably wouldn't want to advertise at the local college. Or if you are selling roller blades then the retirement homes probably wouldn't work either. There are some products that crossover to different generations like books and CDs. You still have to aim these at a certain audience because there are many different types of books and music. The biggest thing about niche marketing is writing your articles exactly for the people that you want to sell to.

Niche marketing can be very hard to master because you will always be tempted to sell everything to everybody. You think the more you have out there the better. If you do this you might get a few sales but you're going to be left with a site that isn't self supporting. However targeting a crowd that will by a certain product is the way to go. Lock yourself onto a niche and market it properly and the sales will come rolling in.

Niche marketing is making a lot of marketers very rich on line today. In no way am I telling you not to market towards bigger audiences because there will be sales there as well. Another thing you might consider is marketing more than one niche. You need to study traffic because you can have the best product in the world but if you don't get people to your site then it doesn't matter.

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